Chapter Wise Tuitions

ScoreX™ continuously aims at making life simpler for its students. We continuously see lot of students who face difficulties in only specific topics instead of the whole subject area. For Ex: Assuming your kid is good with Maths but faces difficulty only in Permutation & Combinations. In such a scenario how will it be that there was a trainer who could just help in P&C. Amazing isn’t it? We have solved such a problem with our uniquely mapped “Chapter Wise Tuitions”. What’s better is we have mapped these chapters with specific course books provided by the statutory boards or respective boards. Now just click on our Chapter Wise Tuitions and enjoy the amazing benefit we have to offer.

We have Chapter Wise Tuitions for Classes 6th to 12th in CBSE, Tuitions for IGCSE and Tuitions for IB.

Regular Monthly Tuitions

For students who wish to attend regular classes for the subject in accordance of what is being taught in schools we have Regular Monthly Tuitions. Each subject will have a 10 to 16 hours batch per month and it progress mapped with the curriculum. Here also, we have two options:

  • 1 on 1 Private Tuitions : Providing absolute customized learning cycle
  • Batch Tuitions of not more than 7 students in a batch

Please check on our available batches/upcoming batches as we generally see that our batches gets full as soon as we launch them. Hurry and enroll for the ones of your choice.

We have Subject Wise Tuitions for Classes 6th to 12th in CBSE, Tuitions for IGCSE and Tuitions for IB.

Revision Courses

It is always seen that students who revise the course before the tests tend to score more than students who don’t. This is why we have our short duration but rigorous and comprehensive revision courses which in a span of few hours will help a student brush upon all concepts of that subject in his/her class.

We have revision courses for CBSE classes 6th to 12th, Revision Courses for IGCSE and Revision Courses for IB.

Trail Class

For those who wish to experience our platform and trainers, just book a trial class of not more than 60 minutes with us and we shall be happy to let you experience our unique platform and amazing trainers.